Queen’s 90th Colchester Celebrations

The Mayoress of Colchester lighting the beacon in Castle Park

Celebrations for the Queen’s 90th went underway in Colchester’s Castle Park last Thursday, with the Mayor lighting the beacon.
With similar events going on all over the country, Colchester’s beacon was lit at 7:30pm; fifteen minutes after the Queen lit the first beacon in Windsor.
The Mayor of Colchester, Theresa Higgins, led the ceremony with the British National Anthem, and then went on to give a speech from the Prince.
Sheila Boxshall, 64, traveled from Stanway to see the event, “The Queen is such a historic character, and long reigning. It’s good for the children to be able to say they were here to celebrate her 90th, it’s really good for the community.”
The Mayor explained how she felt honoured to be able to represent the Royal Family by being such a big part of the event,
“This is the first time I’ve lit the beacon, all the Mayors who have lit it on previous have got a plaque on it,” says the Mayor, “it commemorates all the occasions – it adds to the history of it.” said Mrs Higgins.
The ceremony ended at about 7:50pm and then Mrs Higgins walked around to talk to the public and meet the people from her town, “There’s lots of people here that probably haven’t been to one of my functions before, it’s nice I get to see people in the community.” says the Mayoress.


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