Festival season is approaching, and with more and more line ups getting released its becoming difficult to decide which one to get a ticket for. With the prices of festivals over £200 for a weekend and £90 for a day pass, we can’t make them all.

When it comes to having to choose between acts that are on at the same time, especially Calvin Harris, Tiesto and Steve Aoki last year at Creamfields, dance music fanatics found themselves torn. Bigger, more established festivals have artist clashes that make you think ‘what is the point?’

Small festivals are appearing everywhere now, and it’s these shorter, more intimate events that have been appearing in the media over the last few years. They are cheaper, and although they may not have as established line ups as V-Festival or Reading festival, they can provide you with a similar experience. Isn’t that the reason we go to festivals – to drink cider in a muddy field whilst enjoying live music?

This sparks the question, what makes a festival, an amazing line up or just the chilled partying ambience? Here are a list of festivals that you can spend the day or weekend at for a fraction of the price (and hey, you could go to about 4 of these instead)

One Love Festival – Hainault Country Park 1st -3rd September 2017 – £35 day ticket

It calls itself the UK’s number 1 reggae and dub festival. Located in a country park on the outskirts of London, it’s an ideal place to spend a late summer day relaxing and enjoying life; and for £35 a day ticket, you can’t go wrong.

Community Festival  – Finsbury Park – 1st July – £35

This bitesize festival gives you a taste of relaxation whilst listening to atmospheric indie music, and headlining the festival this year are Catfish and the Bottleman. This is a really good value for money for a day out to London, considering you would pay a similar price to go to one of these gigs alone.

Holi Colour Festival – London, Wembley Park – 29th July 2017 – £30

This gem of a festival replicates Holi, a Hindu spring festival of colour. If you are looking for something different in terms of music, this is the place to be. For £29.99 a ticket, and a little extra for some paint bags,  it’s a priceless fun day out with your mates, even if the music isn’t to your taste. But be warned; you will leave purple, green, yellow, or a mix.

Citadel Festival – Victoria Park, London – 16th July 2017 – £55

At a 3 day festival, you may feel a little grotty by the end; however, this festival breaks the stigma of slum Sundays at a festival. Citadel is a one day Sunday festival that promises enough music, arts and atmosphere to compete with the usual Friday and Saturday. With the headliner being Foals, why not spend your Sunday doing something different?

Eastern Electrics – TBC London venue – 5th August 2017 – £29.95

This one is for the ravers. After three years in Hertfordshire, dance festival Eastern Electrics is moving to London with the lineup and location being revealed shortly. They plan to have ten stages and the line-up is sure to include some big names from dance music, this is guaranteed to please those who never stop partying. They will also have a fairground, cabaret and and an area to release all your pillow fighting needs.



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