Register to cake

The University of Essex are handing out free cupcakes on campus this week… but you must register to vote first.

The residence life team at the university will be running a stall on Tuesday and Thursday to gather more student voting registrations. The stall will allow students to register on the government website using ipads, and once they register they will receive a cupcake.

Since the law changed in 2014, meaning households were no longer registered all together as one. This led to a decline in student registrations.

However after the election in June was called, more than 100,000 people between the age of 18-25 registered to vote in just three days.

Victoria Frost, of residence life said: ‘The student vote is extremely important, these are the people who are going to be affected in 40 years down the line, and students have different issues they would like to combat such as tuition fees, student loans etc’.

‘I don’t think students realise that they can be registered at home and at university.’ she said.

A youthsight survey revealed that 55% of students surveyed would vote Labour, and only 18% said Conservative.

The Liberal Democrats had only 12%, compared to the overwhelming student support they had in 2010 and the rise of Nick Clegg.

One student, Ayesha Sohail said she believes that students should vote to have their voice heard.

‘They don’t realise the importance until a party that they didn’t want to win, win.’

The deadline to register to vote is the May 22.



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