With Valentine’s Day approaching, lots of people are wondering just how romantic their partners will be.

According to a survey of 1,500 UK women, men from Chelmsford have been voted the least romantic by their wives and partners.

Personalised gift company PhotoBox created the survey which showed men from Chelmsford are the least likely to woo their women.

In fact, 79% of women admitted that their other half is not romantic in the slightest and around half of the women suggested their partners were ‘useless’ in that department.

Chelmsford student, Nicola Morl, admitted she had dated her fair share of men from the area.

She said: “Every one of them has been awful though, I mean one of them even forgot my birthday.”

When asked if location depends on the level of romance, Nicola said: ‘Well you can’t be certain but I’m currently dating a guy from Germany and he’s great.”

Results from the study found on average a typical British man will stop being romantic just six months into their relationship.

But dad-of-two from Chelmsford, Alexander Burnett, said he has been consistently romantic throughout his 3-year relationship with his girlfriend Amy.

“Every time there is a special event, I plan something nice for us – I mean she deserves it,” he said.

“No matter how long you have been together, your partner always deserves something special to show her you care.”

PhotoBox spokesman Rory Scott said: “To be clear – we’ve got nothing against Chelmsford.

“I mean, 600 years ago it was the capital of England for a few days. And it’s the birthplace of radio.

“But when it comes to romance, it’s clearly lagging.”

With PhotoBox’s new scheme though, men are being given a chance to step up their game.

The scheme dubbed, Valentine’s Rescue, will bail out men within a five-mile radius of Chelmsford with personalised gifts with same day delivery avaliable.

So ladies, you may be able to get the Valentine’s Day you expected after all.



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