Chelmsford – City of Duds?

Chelmsford – City of Duds?

With Valentine’s Day approaching, lots of people are wondering just how romantic their partners will be.

According to a survey of 1,500 UK women, men from Chelmsford have been voted the least romantic by their wives and partners.

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Festi-smalls – get your bitesize festival fix

Festi-smalls – get your bitesize festival fix

Festival season is approaching, and with more and more line ups getting released its becoming difficult to decide which one to get a ticket for. With the prices of festivals over £200 for a weekend and £90 for a day pass, we can’t make them all.

When it comes to having to choose between acts that are on at the same time, especially Calvin Harris, Tiesto and Steve Aoki last year at Creamfields, dance music fanatics found themselves torn. Bigger, more established festivals have artist clashes that make you think ‘what is the point?’

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With Ed Sheeran’s new album becoming the fastest selling album, ‘Divide’, by a male artist, and breaking chart records with 9 songs in the UK Top 10, we decided to look at the voice of the people – what are their opinions of the album. We wanted to find out honest reviews of ‘Divide’, and Ed Sheeran’s success through the eyes of the people who are where he began, busking.

We interviewed two buskers in Colchester Town about their views:

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