Rough sleeping event to raise money for two charities

Rough sleeping event to raise money for two charities

COLCHESTER United players and supporters slept outside in the stalls last night for the team’s first ever sleep out.

Footballers and members of the public, who form Colchester United’s Football in the Community team, did a sponsored sleep-out from 7.30pm on Friday 23 until 8am this morning to raise money for two special causes.

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Chelmsford – City of Duds?

Chelmsford – City of Duds?

With Valentine’s Day approaching, lots of people are wondering just how romantic their partners will be.

According to a survey of 1,500 UK women, men from Chelmsford have been voted the least romantic by their wives and partners.

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Uni taxi usage helps boost local economy

Uni taxi usage helps boost local economy

One way  the University of Essex boosts the local economy big-time is  through the use of taxis and minicabs by staff and students.

They are hailing and booking to get their way to and from work — and late at night after going out.

According to Dave Cox, 53, from Five Sevens Taxis, the university is a main source of work on weekdays — though it doesn’t  make a big difference to business on weekends.

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Competition changes for long term gaming centre

A new social gaming centre, ‘Belong’, has opened in Lion Walk, Colchester. Retail store Game, have recently renovated into a gaming pad where local enthusiasts can go to communally interact. However, the store is not the first of its kind in the area.

Xtreme Gaming, on the high street, have been the one and only place in which to socially game between friends, in Colchester. Being there for ten years, it is one of the oldest LAN centre in the country.

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Festi-smalls – get your bitesize festival fix

Festi-smalls – get your bitesize festival fix

Festival season is approaching, and with more and more line ups getting released its becoming difficult to decide which one to get a ticket for. With the prices of festivals over £200 for a weekend and £90 for a day pass, we can’t make them all.

When it comes to having to choose between acts that are on at the same time, especially Calvin Harris, Tiesto and Steve Aoki last year at Creamfields, dance music fanatics found themselves torn. Bigger, more established festivals have artist clashes that make you think ‘what is the point?’

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With Ed Sheeran’s new album becoming the fastest selling album, ‘Divide’, by a male artist, and breaking chart records with 9 songs in the UK Top 10, we decided to look at the voice of the people – what are their opinions of the album. We wanted to find out honest reviews of ‘Divide’, and Ed Sheeran’s success through the eyes of the people who are where he began, busking.

We interviewed two buskers in Colchester Town about their views:

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With the release of Dial, a new technology launched by -producer and musician, two free shows went ahead last night in London to celebrate the release. 

It was a night to not miss with his first show bringing Lydia Lucy, The Voice UK star to the Royal Albert Hall stage with him. Other surprise acts such as Ricky Wilson – lead singer of the Kaiser Chiefs, The Black Eyed Peas (minus Fergie) and Pia Mia.

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Can citizen journalism be considered as professional journalism?

As explained in my previous post citizen journalism is becoming more and more familiar with the general public, with opening up Facebook or Twitter before they even get started with their day, they could know the breaking news of the morning before even switching on the television. However there have been many of doubts about the amount of time, and research gone into these makeshift news products, which leads to a question about accuracy and even, authenticity. As these type of journalists are not paid, or qualified in the profession, there is a huge risk of not just inaccuracy but also legal issues if pursuing these leads further.

Objectivity is a main issue with citizen journalism, this is because although journalists naturally write to the objective of their audience and their paper they still keep a respectable fairly balanced view. Public individuals could be very biased about issues of politics, racism or sexism – this leads their views to being unbalanced and could raise risk of offending many people.

Quality is the second big issue with citizen journalism. Compared with professionals, who have more money invested in their company or business, citizen journalists are not paid and The Digital Journalist states: “an amateur, will always be on the outside of those lines. Imagine the White House throwing open its gates to admit everybody with a camera phone to a presidential event. You will not see many citizen journalists wandering around the battlefields of Afghanistan. It takes a lot of money to pay for travel, the gear, the armour vests, translators and so on.”

Legal repercussions are definitely a main problem with this type of journalism. With no controls over what is said, and no company lawyer to oversee a libel, or contempt issue before it is published, this could spark a law suit. A quote from Edward Greenburg, a New York City litigator is: “There are many cases at both the state and federal levels where judges determine just who is/is not a journalist. Cases involving libel often hinge on whether the actor was or was not a member of the “press””.